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Essay: A picnic

My father came from his office one day and told us that we were going to the nearby island for a picnic. He asked us to guess the island. My brother and I shouted together “Sentosa!” He gave us a smile. He then asked my mother to prepare food for the picnic. My elder sister, younger brother and I started to plan for the trip. We were so excited that we could hardly sleep that night.

My father took us in his car. He chose Saturday as the island will not be overcrowed. We arrived at the World Trade Center and took the cable car to Sentosa. We reached Sentosa cable car station and took a monorail to the beach.

Soon after arrival my mother spotted a thick shady tree and spread out a large cloth beneath the tree. She then arranged food and drinks on it. Unable to control our anxiety we started pestering our father to take us for a swim. He gladly accepted, leaving my younger brother in my mother’s custody. We dashed into the blue waters.

The water was cool and refreshing, we splashed and frolicked in the water. Several people bathing nearby gave cold stares. Sensing their irritation at our mischief my father apologized to them and ordered us not to be too naughty. My mother was cooling herself lying under the tree feeding my younger brother.

It was nearly an hour; we came out of the water fearing that we may get sunburned. We applied oil lotion over our body and we played in the water for another half an hour. Meantime my mother had arranged our food and called us up to eat. We realized that we had to stop playing and came out of the water half heartedly.

It was too hot by then and after lunch we felt too tired to continue lying. So we helped our mother to pick up our things and prepared to go home.”

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