Kiểm tra miễn phíĐăng ký kiểm tra và tư vấn miễn phí

Đi học là khoảng thời gian vất vả nhưng cũng đem lại nhiều niềm vui cho chúng ta. Bạn có đồng ý với nhận định trên không?

“School life is the most interesting period in one’s entire life. Bit the students generally hold quite a different view. They are tired of the cares and worries of their school work. They long to be grown-ups. They think that they have to follow some hard fast rules in schools. At home they have to obey their parents. They greatly dislike this. They have to work hard to pass examination if not they get scolding.

But I look at things from quite a different angle. I am a student and as such I have some duties and responsibilities. I have to do as my parents bid me to do. I have to learn my lessons reading and writing a lot. I have to please my teachers by my study and good behaviour. I have to work hard. If I do my duty diligently, I have nothing to be afraid of. I know that my parents at home and the teachers at school are all my well wishers.

I feel very proud of myself when I see that my parents take care of me. The love of teachers is a rare thing and I know that I have to live up to their expectation.”

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