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Essay: A day at the market

Last Sunday, I woke up early to go to the market with my mother. After taking breakfast, I carried my mother’s shopping basket and we left for the market.

The market is only a few blocks away from my flat. When we reached the place, it was already very crowded. I was surprised to see men in the market besides the housewives. There were also a few children following their mothers obediently. The whole place was very noisy. I could hear the stall keepers and their customers bargaining loudly over the prices of the goods.

There were many stalls in the market. First, we went to the vegetable stall to buy some cabbages, carrots and tomatoes. Then we bought some pork from the butcher’s and a salmon and some prawn form the fishmonger’s. We proceeded to the poultry stall to get a fat chicken.

Very soon, we found that we could hardly carry any more things. However, my mother insisted that we buy some fruits before going home. Despite of being very tired, I was glad that I had been of help to my mother.”

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