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Essay: A frightful dream

Notes: Frightful dream – Monster with long teeth attacked village – Killed many people – Ate some – People ran about in fear – Much noise – Monster attacked me – Screamed – Woke up – only a dream – Relieved.

One night, after a heavy meal, I went to bed late. It was hot and I felt very uneasy.

When at last I fell asleep, I however had a very frightful dream. I saw a monster with long sharp teeth attack my village. It had a great appetite. It ate a number of the people it had killed.

It was indeed a terrible sight. There was blood all around, and the frightened villagers were running about in all directions, making a lot of noise.

At last the monster began to come towards me. I was so terrified that I gave out a loud scream.

I now woke up, and was greatly relieved to find that the danger I was in was not real. It was just one of my wild dreams.”

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