Kiểm tra miễn phíĐăng ký kiểm tra và tư vấn miễn phí

Essay: Should women carry out the combat duty? Discuss.

Women should not be drafted for combat duty. It is not practical. The army would need to set up two facilities for everything. It would need to set up two sleeping quarters, two sets of showers and two latrines. The actual amount of work and supplies involves in setting up camp would double. More supplies and equipment in the field would slow down troop movement considerably. Our troops would lose any advantage they would have for surprise attack. We need an incredible amount of backup support for men. It is not practical to double that in wartime.

Women are not strong enough emotionally. Women are not strong enough physically. It takes a lot of strength and courage to be in actual physical combat. You need to be strong enough to kill people without pangs of regret. Women could be strong. Women are sheltered. They are not taught to be strong. Men are taught to be strong. Women could not stand to see their best friend get hit by a shell and die in front of their eyes. Women are not strong enough to handle killing and dying. Maybe they could be strong enough emotionally. They are not strong enough physically. Most women could not throw ninety-pound ammunition cases into a struck all day. Most women could not win in close hand-to-hand combat against a man. Women do not have the strength for combat duty.”


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