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Essay: Talk about a Aerospace Exhibition

The Singapore Aerospace Exhibition was held at the Changi Airport Terminal for four days. The last two days were opened to the public. As Sunday was the last day, I went with my friends to see the exhibition. Special buses were arranged from Tampines interchange to the venue of the exhibition.

We all arrived there by 9 a.m. and were shocked to see a very long queue of people at the Changi bus stop. We have no other choice but to join in the queue. The Sun was hot and it was only at 10 o’clock that we were able to buy our entry tickets. There was a drink stall which offered ice cold drinks and it was a great relief for us.

We went inside the first gallery. A big red striker jet welcomed us. There were officers everywhere guiding us. There were representative companies from all over the world. Major companies such as Boeing, Lock-head, Rolls Royce and other European companies monopolized the show. Equipments were neatly arranged. There were catalogues everywhere. Hangars were converted into galleries. We were astounded to see the various types of aircrafts.

Starting from trainer single seat aircraft, there were planes, jets, small, medium and big dragon size helicopters. We posed in front of the aircrafts and took many photos. The next section was fighter aircraft, like F.16, F.18, Jaguars Mig 18, 21, 29… Each aircraft had its own improvised system. We only partially understood the explanation given by the officers.

We had to queue for a bus to see the passenger aircrafts which range from ordinary one to the most luxurious one. There was a large crowd as these aircraft are familiar to most people unlike the fighter jets and helicopters. At 3 p.m. the Singapore Air Force performed the spectacular air-show over the Changi sea. On seeing the show our tiredness disappeared. Determined to become pilots, we came home.”


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