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Essay: The importance of the national language

“The importance of the study of the National language, Bahasa Malaysia in this country is great. Ours is a multi-racial country. We have Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans. They speak a variety of languages. They have their own customs, religions and traditions. It is important that they should be able to communicate with each other.

Let me discuss the need for the National language. We have a Central Government. It must use one language to transact its business with the States. National prestige demands this. An independent country cannot use foreign.

A common language helps a great deal in education. To create a mutual understanding between teachers and pupils, the use of a common language is inevitable.

The business word depends entirely on spoken or written word. To contribute to unity in this sphere, it is essential that Bahasa Malaysia should be used as our National language.

National language plays an important part in the world of culture. A common culture should emerge in young Malaysia. Such a culture appreciated and lovely by all can be attained only when we Malaysians learn and use the language properly and fluently.

Bahasa Malaysia has been the official National language of our country. To create mutual understanding it is taught in all schools, Bahasa Malaysia classes for adults are being conducted in every nook and corner of language. The study of the language will certainly enliven the daily routine of loyal citizen with a much-needed spirit of joy and pride”


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