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Essay: What I have gained from University Education

No country can afford to neglect the education of its citizens. Primary, secondary, and tertiary education provides anyone with knowledge and skill, both being of equal values in today’s human life. Attending a university, I have learned to study by myself, to think clearly, to express what I want to say in a precise and condense manner, and to work well thanks to the knowledge and experience accumulated through my training at university.

My first benefit from tertiary education is the ability to learn something by myself. As you may know, self-study is a must at university. In addition to attending various classes, I have to prepare for any of them; do a lot of reading, finish all the required exercises and/or assignments, make reports, do research, take part in seminars, etc. These activities gradually build up my habit of self-study. This habit allows me to work independently and creatively in whatever field I choose to get involved in because I am able to gain further knowledge and skill through my own study.

Attending a university, I have also learned how to think clearly and express myself briefly and precisely. Time is a crucial factor influencing all aspects of modern life. More and more people lead their lives in the fast lane. To save my time, I have to think as clearly and critically as I can. To save the precious time of the receiver of my message whom I have an opportunity to communicate with, either orally or in the form of any written document, I always try my best to guarantee that what I say is brief, relevant, and clear enough to be understood immediately. In other words, I force myself to provide my listener or reader with as much information as needed in such a way that both my energy and his/her time and effort can be saved.

Last but not least, I highly appreciate the knowledge and skills I have acquired through a variety of courses at my university. Such knowledge and skill make me really competent at my work in particular and get me ready for my long and hard struggle against all the other difficulties and challenges in my own life in general. Graduating from a university, I have been well equipped with a good education which a great number of Vietnamese youths have ever dreamed of and aimed at. Such an education is the required invaluable foundation for me to climb up to higher and higher strata in society.

People may hold different views on education: it is only a waste of time to some while to others it is one of the inevitable/necessary factors strongly influencing their success or failure in life. I belong to the second group/type, highly valuing what tertiary education brings to me. Therefore, it deserves my great efforts to meet all its requirements, the initial requirements of any well-educated person.


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