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Essay:Nói về người mà bạn ghét nhất

“The person you hate
Talk about the person you hate most.

We cannot be friendly with all the people whom we came to meet. We hate some people for good reasons. The person I hate most is Jake, who lives a few blocks away from my flat. He is a boy of twenty and a terror in my neighborhood. He is a bully, a pickpocket and an extortioner. He was arrested by the police several times and still he is incorrigible. The boy has grown up in the streets, for his parents had died when he was only five years old.

Once he was arrested for being a vagrant and kept in the welfare home for some time. On another occasion he picked a man’s pocket and was jailed for six months. He demands money from youngsters like me and if we refuse he would threaten us with a knife.

I am terribly afraid of this bully. I am sure, one day he will land up in prison with a longer sentence. This boy is danger to the society and so I hate him. I hope everyone will agree with me.”

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