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Essay: Night market

Two days before the Chinese New Year, there is always a night market in our place. The night market is put up every year during this season.

It happened this year that I took my sister to the night market. When we arrived at the market, it was crowded. Slowly people increased and there was soon a very big and noisy crowd.

At the market, there were many things on sale: toys, clothes, books, stationery, edible things, flowers, materials, kitchen wares, cosmetics and many other things. Stall-keepers were shouting at the tops of their voice trying to attract buyers. Customers were talking and bargaining. Housewives were looking for things they wanted to buy.

My sister and I were moving from one stall to another. While we were looking at the things, there was a big noise from two stalls away. A fat woman was quarreling with a thin stall-keeper about the price of some goods. They were shouting angrily at each other. More and more people gathered to watch the quarrel. After a while the fat woman threw back the thing and left.

After watching the quarrel, we decided to go home. We were tired and our legs were arching, but we enjoyed the visit.”

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