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Essay: A treasure hunt

One afternoon, I received a letter which contained a map of the park near my house. A big cross was marked at a corner. Right at the bottom of the piece of paper were two rows of strange words:
“Frut eht rednu gid
Evresed uoy tahw dnif lliw uoy”

It must be a secret code! After looking at it for a long time, I realized that the message could be found if I read it backward. The secret message was:
“Dig under the turf
You will find what you deserve”

Immediately, I ran to the park. I found the corner where the turf was and started digging with a fallen tree branch. Soon, I saw a small box. In a state of great excitement, I opened it and found a piece of paper. It said: Dig harder!

I shouted with frustration and started digging again. I began to perspire and I felt my arms aching. I was about to give up when I spotted another box. Holding my breath in excitement, I opened the box… and found another piece of paper. This time, there was a picture of an idiot and the words: “This is what you deserve. Hee! Hee!”

I was mad with anger. However, when I calmed down, I realized that I had indeed been a fool, wasting one afternoon on dreams of getting rich without working for it.”

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