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Essay: An unpleasant dream I once had

The outline:
1. When?
2. What kind of dream?
3. Why it was unpleasant?
4. The end

I have dreams almost every night. One dream, however, frightened me greatly. It was indeed a horrible one.

One day, after a hearty meal, I went out for a short walk. I was alone on a lonely road near a grave-yard. I was thinking of my lessons when I suddenly heard a voice calling me. I looked back and saw an old lady grinning at me. She had long filthy hair. Her face was covered with blood and her nails were very long. She was wearing a white dress. I just stared at her in fear. I dared not move or try to run. I saw her walking towards me. I was too frightened to move. Her long hands then began to stretch out to catch me. I heard her laughing at the same time. It was a horrible sound and my body turned cold. Just before she could catch me, however, I made a desperate effort to run. But she was behind me and almost caught me. I now screamed.

As soon as I screamed, however, I woke up to find that I had only been dreaming. It was a great relief indeed.”

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