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Essay: Describe a sports-meeting.

Sports lovers here always look forward to the month of August or September because of the Inter School Sports-meeting. These occasions used to be very colorful and attractive. Just like the previous years, this year’s sports-meeting was enjoyable.
It was held in the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh city. The stadium was cheerfully decorated for that purpose. The bitumen tracks were neatly marked with white paint. The sports officials were in their official badges and the whole day they were busy with preparations. At about 2 p.m. that day, there was a march past by athletes in their respective school colors and flags. The chief Education Officer took the salute. With the singing of the Nation Anthem and the hoisting of the National Flag, he declared the meeting open.

There were many interesting events. There were also separate events for boys and girls. The competitors were tense and serious. They were in excellent physical fitness. Some new records were set in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races. The hurdles and relays were some of the interesting track events. The girls’ events added some color and mirth to the spectators. Of the girls’ items, the tug-of-war was a never ending source of merriment. Throughout the events, our school band was in attendance.

After the meeting was over, the Chief Education Officer gave the trophies and certificates to the winners. He complimented the athletes on their performance. The Secretary of the Inter School Sports Council thanked the distinguished guests for their presence. With the singing of the Nation Anthem, the meeting came to a grand close.

On that particular day, we shared the atmosphere of real joy and gladness. It is one of the most enjoyable days in our academic life.”

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