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“Magic Bob was a magician on a cruise ship. Each night he took objects from the passenger and made them disappear, and then reappear in strange places. The
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” John: What are you fishing for? Casey: Mumamamamoolays John: What do they look like? Casey: I don’t know. I’ve never caught one. ————————————————————– John: Cậu đang câu
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” Paul, have you been fighting again? You’ve lost your two front teeth. No, I haven’t, Mum. They’re in my pocket. ————————————————————————————– – Này Paul, con lại vừa
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93 years

” A salesman was speaking to a crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen. In this bottle I have the answer to old age. Drink this every day and you will
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Stubborn Tortoise

” ————————————————————– – A man was walking along a road kicking a tortoise. – Why are you kicking this poor defenseless tortoise? asked a policeman. – Because it’s
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