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Essay: A nightmare

I was seriously preparing for my school examination. Normally people call it exam fever and I believe I was haunted by the feeling of falling ill while the examination was on. But I was able to banish such fears and concentrate on my studies. But this fear crept into my subconscious mind and it played havoc on me. I have now the consolation that it was all a dream.

On November 16, my birthday was arranged to be celebrated in a colorful manner. There was a small party that my father arranged for my friends. I spent the whole evening enjoying myself while my parents were busy watching television. I pretexted as though I had to prepare for the examination, but I was cheating myself with the thought that I would wake up early in the morning and make up the lost time. While in bed, sleep seemed to elude me and the bug of falling ill during the examination began to harass me. However after sometime I slept.

If Alice’s experiences in the wonderland were bizarre, mine was shocking. To my subconscious mind the bogey of illness during the examination was true. I felt a sudden irritation in both my eyes and what started as an irritation became an unbearable pain. I started shouting and my parents rushing into my room. They consoled me, more than that they could do nothing. It was ten at night. My mind became agitated that, I thought that I might not be able to sit for my English and Mathematics examinations.

My father soon realized the problem I was facing, “The Exam Fever”. He made me stand against the wall and by understanding my agony, he carried me downstairs. He then put me in his car and drove me to a nearby hospital. On the way he was consoling me about the examination and trying his level best to make me relax. I explained that I was having an irritation in my eyes as though thousands of needles had pricked. On arrival at the hospital, the doctor performed many tests and finally told my father that, due to nervous feeling of examination, I had spoiled my brain which had affected my eyes. I could not sit for the examination, and he would issue a medical certificate to be produced to the authorities.

My father was undaunted by the doctors’ decision. In total desperation he put me back in his car and drove to another hospital. He explained to a doctor about my case but not the real situation. The doctor had diagnosed correctly at the first sight itself. Before he applied ay medicine he asked me to open my eyes slowly. I said that I could open, but the doctor insisted. By the time tears started rolling down my cheeks and, with the tears forming between my eyelids, I could open my eyes. The room was dark but for a small lamp. There was no doctor. Where had my father gone? I still felt the tears rolling down my cheeks. All I saw was the clock on the wall opposite my bed. Now I realized! Oh! It’s a dream. Soon I overcame myself and was happy to realize my folly. I am really happy because it was just a dream.

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