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I am proud of my country

I am proud of my country

I am proud of my country

In his poem of patriotism Scott says If a man is not proud of his country, he will be burried without honor. When a man returns after a travel to his country he must be bubbling with enthusiasm and his heart must be pulsating with joy to land on his native soil. We have heard of great martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their country. So it is only proper and fair that one should love one’s country.

To love one’s country one need not have taken part in the liberation movements. One need not have carried the flag, shouted slogans and stood in the front line of agitators. His ancestors need not have shed blood for the sake of the land, nor there is any need for any material sacrifice. Still one may be proud of one’s country.

There are many things why one must be proud of one’s country. It may be due to the climate, natural regions, its people and the government, its tradition and culture and manufactures. The relation which the country has with other countries is also a point to be considered.

Considering the above norms let me say why I am proud of my country. My country has an equable climate. We are having bright sunshine throughout the year and plenty of rain. There are virgin evergreen forests. There are some good rivers, and the hills and valleys make the country beautiful. The sea coast is not straight but has bays so there are some good harbors.

Our people are quiet, hard-working and peace loving. They know their land gives them plenty in the form of grains and fruits and so one need not be hungry. The forests have natural wealth and the plantations are rich producing money spinning rubber. Our mines produce valuable tin making the country rich. We are a developing nation and a lot of good things will have to be done.

We have a good government which is democratic in set up. We have had a succession of enlightened rulers who have taken measures for improvement. The upheavals we see in some countries are practically absent in our country and the people are law-abiding .

Our country has had a long history of several centuries. Several cultures have flowed in here and so there we see a mixed culture. This is reflected in the way people dress and eat; the buildings show the effect of these over-riding cultures. Our country has very friendly relation with neighboring countries and we are held in high esteem. Considering all these I am proud of my country.

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