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Essay: A fashion show

Fashion show is one of the ways of advertisement. This is to attract to the attention of the public and to educate them on the coming fashion. If it is put crudely, it is to brain wash the public that these shows are held. Unlike the advertisement in the newspapers, a fashion show has the glamour of music, color, light and all theatrical effect. Since live models are used, it becomes very realistic and the audience has got a chance to see, discuss and criticize, and have some fun at the expense of the models. So there is no denying the fact that the fashion shows have become the fashion of the day and they have become pace setters of a fashion.

Thus recently I had an occasion to attend a fashion show organized by the Textile Mills Association and the Garment Makers’ guild. This was held in the City Hall on a Sunday so that more people could attend. The Hall was very tastefully decorated. The stage was set in such a way that the models could be viewed to advantage. The lighting was first class with concealed lights and provision for color lighting. Admission was by special invitation; otherwise the organizers could not control the crowd. Since my father received an invitation, we went to the show. Some soft music was played to enliven the show.

The selected models were ones who had been taken for their attractive personality. There were men’s, women’s and children’s models. One by one they paraded on the stage and when they came there and walked across the stage showing their dress to the audience, some salesmen at the microphone would describe the fabric, the name of the mill that had produced it and the name of the fashion. At the same time, printed forms of the fashion was distributed to the audience.

Men wearing office dress, casuals, hunting dress, sports wear and dinner dress appeared on the stage. The Olympic suit specially created for the coming Olympics was shown. A team of athletes wearing the suit paraded on the stage. Women in all types of dresses both oriental and accidental were there. The materials of which their dresses were made varied from cotton to polyester. There were women wearing Indian sarees, Japanese kimonos, bikinis and swim suits and Maxi’s. there was also a model who was wearing a casual dress made of paper. The announcer said that the paper dress was cheaper and disposable and it could be used in the operation theater and so on.

It was not all a show of the grown-ups. There were children between three and eight, both boys and girls who presented the latest version of children’s wear. Some of the children who appeared on the stage were very smart and they enjoyed the fun.

What attracted me most was the beach dress which when worn could give a camouflage effect. Besides it was said that the material was waterproof, non-smelling and light.

It was a delightful show and the audience had an enjoyable evening. The fashions book which was for sale was in great demand. So there is no gain saying that I too enjoyed the show very much.”


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