Kiểm tra miễn phíĐăng ký kiểm tra và tư vấn miễn phí

Test: Vocabulary: (hoàn thành câu)

(với các từ: Suffering- Instalments – Organisation – Amount- Minutes- Outflows- Acquire – Expenses – Healthier)

Tips to Save in 2012
It is important to _1_ the habit of saving because you never know what might happen in the near future.

To begin with, it is important to list the basic monthly _2_ you have, such as paying rent, utilities, gas, food, mobile bill and credit cards. Once you have worked out the total _3_ of expenses you have to pay, you can focus on how much you will have left and how much, therefore, you can save!

It is possible that while reading this you are already thinking that your income does not allow you to save, but be sure this is just lack of _4_.

Remember that nothing in life lasts forever, and that it is very important to have savings that allow you to live for at least six months without _5_, in case you lose your job.

To put into practice, here are some tips to help you save:

Eat more at home and less in restaurants, it’s not only _6_ but will help you save money.
Do not go shopping on an empty stomach, because you will buy more because of the hunger you are experiencing at that time.
Check your cable TV plan, as well as landline and cellular plans. Do you really need so many channels and so many _7_? Think about it!
Do not leave appliances connected or the cable to recharge your phone plugged in, all this consumes energy and increases your expenses.
It is better not to have more than one credit card and only use it in emergencies. You also should try not to defer payments in many _8_. Remember that the interests of the cards are very high and gradually you will get into more debt without realizing it.
Create a table in your computer or a notebook, where you can organize your expenses to control additional or different _9_. This table may serve to analyse what percentage of your income you can save and determine which things you can cut back on!”

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