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Essay: Một người thầy lí tưởng là như thế nào? Cho biết ý kiến của bạn.

“What makes an ideal teacher
What makes an ideal teacher. Give your opinion
(Qualities of a good teacher)

An ideal teacher is a friend as well as a teacher to his students. A good teacher should also be a good friend.

In the classroom, he looks grave and solemn but he is a man of sweet and soft temper. He sometimes appears rather old and sometimes young and bright but he is always, active and alert. He is like and respected by all who know him. When he finds any of his students lazy, he admonishes him, for he wants them all to do their work satisfactorily. He explains the lessons in much detail, and does his best to answer any questions possibly raised by his students. He is indeed a patient man; he continues to explain to his students the points that they do not understand until they are perfectly familiar with their lessons. He takes great trouble in correcting papers, and is very strict in giving marks. In the classroom, he always keeps the dignity of a teacher.

But outside the classroom, he becomes the student’s best friend. He is an adviser to the clubs organized by the students, and also helps them manage their sport teams. When a student is in trouble, he comforts him and tries to help the latter solve any problems he may have.

A good teacher should not only mind the academical work of his students but should also encourage them to take part in sports and games so as to keep themselves fit. He always sets a good example himself so as to influence his students.

He keeps in touch not only with his students but with their families as well. The purpose in doing so is to obtain the assistance of parents in educating the students. He tries to learn about the family condition of the students. Those whose family conditions are good, he urges them to study hard in order to further their study in the universities but those who have no means to carry on their study at a higher level, he advises to switch over to other branches such as: commercial course, business school, military career, and so forth. He thus increases the efficiency of their work, and guides them at the appropriate moment in their choice of a profession.

The teaching profession has many responsibilities, yet it is full of hardship. Personally, when I am grown up, I will engage in educational activities that is, I shall be a teacher myself, for education is full of life. The students you teach are like fruit-trees you plant. It is very interesting to plant seed and to see it sprout, grow leaves, put forth flowers and bear fruits. In like manner, it is a great spiritual comfort to think that you are contributing an important and useful part to the future of your country. For this reason, I find the work of teachers both interesting and hopeful and I will become ideal teacher so as to lend the younger generation on the path of knowledge.”

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