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How to make a business phone call in English?

Do you know how to make an effective business calls? Learn some tips & useful phrases bellowing!
Most of the people find it difficult to make business phone calls in a foreign language. Therefore, in order to make an effective phone call, plan your call  (such as what is the purpose of your call? Who will you be speaking to? What do they know about the subject? What is their level of English like?)

Here are some useful phrases for making the effective business calls.

Identifying yourself
My name is _______________. I’m calling from _____________
This is ___________________from_______________________

Asking to speak to someone
I’d like to speak to __________________, please
Is __________________ in today, please?
Can I speak to ______________, please?
Could you put me through to ____________, please?

Explaining the purpose of your call
I’m calling about_________________
I’m phoning to check/ask about/ tell you about_________________
Your name was given to me by ____________________and I believe you are responsible for _________________

Making small talk
How are the things with you these days?
How’s business?
Did you have a good weekend/holiday?

When taking the phone , avoid the silences by using the following phrases
Filling silences
Just a minute
Hold on
One moment, please
I’ll be with you in a second
Could you just give me a moment?
Let me see

If you didn’t understand a word or phrase, stress it when you repeat it. The person you are speaking to will then understand which part you didn’t understand, for example:
Who did you say I should speak to?
Can you repeat that, please?
Did you say “”seventeen”” or “”seventy””?
Sorry, which department did you say?
When was the delivery due?
Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Next time, you will learn some useful phrases to deal with messages, including answerphone, voicemail and text messages.”

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