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Essay: An accident at home

Joh is my neighbor. He is a naughty and mischievous boy. He often comes to my house to play with my skate board. I knew something would happen to him one day and it really happened in my house one weekend.

One Saturday morning, John came to my house to complete some homework. At that time, my parents were not at home. John saw my skate board. He begged me to allow him to play with it.

At first, I did not approve of it, but John persisted. He pleaded and pleaded. In the end, I gave in to him and he was happy. He played with the skate board and while he was riding on it, he accidentally tripped over a big piece of stone. To my horror, he knocked himself against the wall. His forehead was bleeding. I quickly telephoned for the ambulance.

After a while the ambulance came and took John to the hospital. I was miserable because John was in hospital with a bleeding forehead. When my parents came home, I told them what had happened. Together we went to the hospital to visit John. John was not asleep and his parents were there. John apologized for being naughty and promised to be good in future.

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